Strelnica Jasná
Strelnica Jasná


We have created a new STAGE 8, which is mainly focused for training in working with explosives, explosive devices and explosive systems. We are the only “civilian shooting range” in Slovakia that has a license allowing training and working with real explosives!!!

Working with explosives in STAGE 8 also enables parallel and safety training for other groups in shooting STAGES 1 to 4, which is a great advantage for larger groups.


Basic and advanced training shooting with medium ballistic performance (AR15, AK47)

Training of pyrotechnicians, work with explosives and explosive devices, grenade throwing

Types of explosives: all types of explosives with regard to the conversion to TNT equivalent weight

Types of grenades: RG-4, RG-F1 or grenades with a dangerous shrapnel effect up to a distance of 200m