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Strelnica Jasná


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The best

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Sport shooting, crossfit track, roping tower, sporting and recreational possibilities. All you can find in one place called – Sport Shooting Range Jasna.

The unique

Výnimočné Prostredie

The sports shooting complex is set in the beautiful nature of Liptov. The shooting range is located directly in the mountains of the Low Tatras.

All weapons
and calibers

Všetky Zbrane A Kalibre

Shooting from all short and long firearms – bow, shotgun, submachine gun, sniper rifle and others – is approved and permitted at the shooting range.

For companies, for teams and individuals

Pre Firmy, Kolektívy Aj Individuálov

The shooting range is an original place for teambuilding, a farewell to freedom. It is fully equipped for training the armed forces.

Shooting range

  • The “Lazisko” shooting range was established during the former regime in the last century. From 1967 to 2008, only members of the Czechoslovak and later the Slovak army trained at this shooting range.
  • In the summer of 2016, our civic association Š.K.O.Z managed to obtain all the necessary authorizations necessary to restart the shooting range. We have thus started a gradual process of revitalization and modernization of this exceptional area in order to build the best multifunctional sports and shooting complex in Slovakia.
  • The Sports shooting complex Jasna is located at the foot of the Low Tatras mountains at the end of the village of Lazisko, only 3.5 km from the Demänovská valley.
  • The shooting range itself is about 50 m wide and 300 m long. With these dimensions, it is one of the largest shooting ranges in Slovakia!
  • The shooting range offers up to six thematically prepared stages and a 300 m long sniper zone. In addition, there is a large-capacity tent, a crossfit track, roping tower, a covered terrace and complete technical and sanitary facilities.
  • The sports shooting area is intended for the general public for sport shooting, fitness shooting of hunting associations up to the training of the armed forces. The license to operate the shooting range allows you to shoot from all short and long firearms without limiting the caliber.
  • The shooting range is open all year round.

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  • rental of the area, including complete facilities and shooting range equipment
  • organization of shooting competitions
  • professional shooting training lead by a certified instructor
  • closing of the area during the shooting training
  • a long range zeroing
  • organizing team building events
  • organizing trainings and seminars
  • organizing extracurricular, physical activities for children and youth practical first aid training
  • catering



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Technical parameters

  • shooting from short and long firearms without caliber limitation
  • use of target systems (movable, metal, stationary)
  • shooting training for 7 groups simultaneously
  • advanced shooting behind barriers (car, artificial barriers)
  • long range shooting at 300 m (sniper zone)
  • working with explosives
  • roping tower
  • crossfit track
  • large-capacity closed tent
  • covered terrace for teaching theory (max. 20 people)
  • asphalt access road to the shooting range
  • free parking in a secure car park




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Service provider Š.K.O.Z
Tatranská cesta 156/36
034 01 Ružomberok

Cell: +421 905 850 540
Cell: +421 907 818 889

IČO: 42432600
DIČ: 2120297377
Fio Banka: SK1383300000002301102050


032 11 Lazisko, Slovensko

Opening hours: To order (by phone, email)

GPS: 49° 01´25.08″N  |  19° 32´45.90″E

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